How are Batteries Disposed of?

How are Batteries Disposed Of?

Battery Recycling, what is the process of recycling batteries and when should it be done?

Batteries are used by consumers and companies for different purposes. Batteries are also disposed off in trash cans. It is suggested to recycle batteries when needed. There are 2 ways to recycle batteries.

The first method involves separating the metals from the plastic casing of the batteries. There is a company which recycles the batteries and the metals from the batteries. This company takes the batteries and grinds the metals with other metals. The metal powder is dumped in landfills. The metals are purified to get the metal alloy. The purified metal alloy are then put to use in a new products.

The other method involves the metal powder of the batteries and put to use in the manufacturing of a new product. This is the most common method of recycling batteries.

When to use the recycling method?

There are 2 periods of time when it is better to recycle.

* In the first place, it is best to recycle when the disposal of the batteries is restricted to specific companies. This can be the case because the disposable batteries are hazardous. In this case the disposal of the disposable batteries should be regulated because they contain metal powders and lead which are highly toxic.

* The second occasion is when there is a scarcity of the disposable batteries and if people do not dispose them for some time then the disposal of the disposable batteries in landfills is restricted. In this case recycling the batteries in the landfill is preferred.

Tips in Disposal of Non-biodegradable Batteries

* Before giving up on the non-biodegradable battery that you are using or throwing it away, try recycling it with the other battery that you use. In this way the quantity of battery will be reduced.

* If the non-biodegradable battery does not fit in the recycling of a particular type of battery, then you can also discard it and recycle it with other batteries. This will also reduce the quantity of battery that you are disposing.

The non-biodegradable battery does not have a future?

The non-biodegradable battery may have a great future ahead of it. Recently a Chinese company has come up with a rechargeable battery for the iPod which is much better than that of the plastic. The rechargeable battery can last for many years without changing. The non-biodegradable battery has no future and needs to be used for the betterment of the environment.

How to dispose of non-biodegradable batteries?

Any battery which you use can be disposed of through proper channels. Contact your local council for a recycling outlet which can be used for this purpose. It is always best to avoid the use of the non-biodegradable battery in any way possible. So if you use it then get rid of it promptly. Do not use it if the metal powder contains lead or if there is metal lead in the batteries. To dispose of the disposable batteries, use the methods of recycling.


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